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Create an external link to the thumbnail version of an image.

== Usage ==
<code>{&#123;thumbpath|''filename''|''thumbnail width''&#125;}</code>

Add <code>|svg=yes</code> for SVG thumbnails


:MediaWiki's thumbnailer does not enlarge images. Thus, thumbnails can't be larger then the original image. Due to limitation in <code>{{[[mw:Help:Extension:ParserFunctions#.23titleparts|titleparts:]]}}</code> long file names may not work.

== See also ==
* {{[[mw:Help:Magic words#Page names|filepath:]]}}
* [[commons:Template:Regenerate thumbnail]] ([[Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive 74#Extra-strength purge|avoid using]])
* for direct links to the source

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[[Category:Graphics templates]]


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