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Usage notes

The main function of {{Panorama}}, as opposed to {{Wide image}}, is that the template allows you to specify a desired height of the panorama.

Blank template with parameters:

|image   = File:example.jpg
|height  = 
|width   = 
|alt     = 
|caption = 
|dir     = 
|align   = left/right/none


  • image, image to display (starts with "Image:" or "File:")
  • height, height to display the image
  • width, width to display the image (optional)
  • alt, alt text for image, for visually impaired readers; see WP:ALT
  • caption, caption for the image (optional)
  • dir, set to rtl for right-to-left scrolling (optional)
  • align, set alignment for the image (optional)

Example usage:

|image   = File:Ushuaia_panorama_from_seaside_big.jpg
|height  = 230
|alt     = A small city across a gray waterway under lowering gray clouds. A road leads to the city across a causeway. Mountains with snow and a low treeline form the backdrop. A few boats are in the water.
|caption = Panorama of Ushuaia from 2005-02-06

This displays File:Ushuaia panorama from seaside big.jpg, which is 7370×1010 pixels, as 1678×230, in a horizontally scrolling box, using the caption and alt text provided.

Panorama of Ushuaia from 2005-02-06


Same as the example, but with |height=80.

Panorama of Ushuaia from 2005-02-06

Right to left scrolling

Same as the example, but with |dir=rtl.

Panorama of Ushuaia from 2005-02-06

See also

  • {{Wide image}} – alternative template for panoramas
  • {{Tall image}} – for images too large in the other dimension